Dysbac Liquid

14/04/2021 - 13:46

The aid to the prevention and cure of dysbacteriosis

Megabacteriosis is a well-known disorder in our songbirds. Less well known, but no less serious, is dysbacteriosis. In practice, we are seeing more and more persistent megabacteriosis problems.

The secret in breaking this recurring yeast lies in the combined approach to both megabacteria and dysbacteriosis.

Last year, we launched CU-For Liquid to meet this need. Today, based on our experience, we have focused even more on the preventive and curative approach to dysbacteriosis by developing Dysbac Liquid, which through its unique formulation targets crop, glandular stomach and intestinal health.

  • Preventively, Dysbac Liquid can be used 2 days a week.
  • Curatively, Dysbac Liquid can be combined with Megadysbac* in a 14-day cure, whereby both megabacteria and dysbacteriosis are tackled.

* Contact us for more information about Megadysbac

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