About NeorniPharma

Custom-made preventive treatment for birds

At NeorniPharma, you will find bird products for all aspects of bird sports. We develop high-quality products to comprehensively care for your animal: for daily care, as well as for important moments such as the breeding, brooding, moulting and resting periods. We also provide assistance in important events such as flights, shows and competitions. At NeorniPharma we always do our utmost to find the best long-term solution. We are continuously looking for alternative antimicrobial resources that restrict the risk of resistance. Moreover, all our products and preparations are concentrated, so that they can be used longer and more efficiently. Thanks to our own in-house recipes, you can rest assured that you will have an exclusive product.

Knowledge from the field

NeorniPharma originated in the professional poultry field and has a strong scientific base. All our products are developed by veterinarians having vast professional experience. This experience gave rise to the idea of applying this knowledge for the benefit of individuals and was brought to fruition when NeorniPharma was founded. Successfully, it seems, because today NeorniPharma is an established value, both locally and abroad. Expertise is one of our most important cornerstones and we firmly believe in collaborating with “the field”. That is why we maintain close contact with breeders and veterinary surgeons and are strongly committed to clinical research. This unique interaction has enabled us to avail ourselves of vast expertise and to speedily and efficiently tap into your birds’ needs.

Quality and innovation

NeorniPharma is a young and ambitious Belgian company. Our strength lies in our passion for innovation. We want to be able to help our customers and provide them with the best solutions. That is why we are constantly going in search of new ornithological insights and always want to improve. It is this innovative approach and refreshing vision that enables us to provide our customers with the very best quality. We want to ensure that our customers’ animals are in top form and condition and to encourage good results because if your animals are healthy, you, the breeder, will be sure of a successful brood, perfect moulting season and top performance during the flight. Contact us for bespoke advice.

We are constantly developing new products. Watch this website closely for the latest news.