General terms and conditions

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1. General

By placing an order, the contracting party accepts the general terms and conditions applicable to all agreements concluded between the parties and the accompanying legal relations. This means that the contracting party expressly accepts that the applicability of any other general terms and conditions are hereby expressly excluded. This can only derogated from subject to our written consent. NeorniVet ltd guarantees that the product delivered is in conformity with the agreement and meets the specifications stated in the offer.

2. Delivery

Delivery will be made as long as stocks last. Within the scope of the rules on distance buying, NeorniVet ltd will process orders within at least 30 days. All deadlines stated on the website are indicative and based on timely delivery of the materials that we have ordered and that are required to execute the agreement. Delay in carrying out the order can never give cause for compensation for damages or for terminating the agreement. NeorniVet ltd is not liable for delay by the supplier (post or courier service).

3. Prices

All prices on the website are in euros, including 21% VAT and other taxes or levies to be borne by the customer. All prices on the website are under reservation of printing or typesetting mistakes. Delivery costs are stated separately. These are prices for goods or services CARRIAGE AND INSURANCE PAID TO (2010 Incoterms) the address stated by the customer and within the borders of the Benelux + France. For deliveries outside the Benelux + France, the goods will be delivered CARRIAGE AND INSURANCE PAID TO (2010 Incoterms) the border of the Benelux + France, increased by the costs for transport and insurance to the address stated by the customer.

4. Right of revocation

Any order cancellation must be made in writing. It will only be valid on condition that the seller accepts it in writing and it must be made within a period of 14 days. Such period will commence at the moment at which the goods ordered are delivered. The goods must be returned in the original packaging (including any accessories and accompanying documentation) and they must be in as-new condition. NeorniVet ltd ensures that the full purchase amount, including the calculated dispatching costs, are reimbursed to the buyer within 30 days after the returned consignment has been duly received. The buyer is fully liable for the costs and risk of returning the delivered goods.

5. Data management

Your data will be recorded in the customer database if you have placed an order with NeorniVet ltd. NeorniVet ltd complies with the Personal Data Registration Act and will not provide your data to third persons. See our privacy policy.

6. Guarantee

NeorniVet ltd guarantees that the products that it delivers meet the requirements of usability, reliability and expected life span as these are reasonably intended by the parties to the purchase agreement and, consequently, assumes responsibility for the factory guarantee of the product delivered. By taking receipt of the goods, the buyer expressly recognises that the goods are in conformity with his order and free of any visible defect. NeorniVet ltd is not liable for damage caused by non-supervisory staff’s intent or conscious recklessness to be equated therewith. Complaints will only be valid if they are formulated and sent by registered letter within eight calendar days after receipt or after findings have been constituted, where the date of receipt is presumed to be no later than 2 business days after the goods have left our warehouse, unless the buyer provides proof to the contrary.

7. Offers

Offers are non-committal, unless there is a statement to the contrary in the offer. An agreement is only formed following our written order confirmation. Offers of NeorniVet ltd do not also automatically apply to repeat orders.

8. Agreement

An agreement is only formed following our written order confirmation. However, commencing performance applies as confirmation, unless such commencement took place under reservation. NeorniVet ltd reserves the right not to accept orders or assignments without giving any reasons or to exclusively accept orders subject to the condition that the consignment is dispatched COD or following advance payment.

9. Images and specifications

All images, photographs, drawings, etc. such as data relating to weight, dimensions, colours, images of labels, etc. on the NeorniPharma website are merely approximate, indicative and cannot give cause for any compensation for damages or termination of the agreement.

10. Force Majeure

NeorniVet ltd is not liable if and to the extent that it cannot fulfil its obligations as a result of force majeure. Force majeure is understood to mean any external cause, as well as any circumstance, which should not reasonably be at the risk of NeorniVet ltd. Delay at, or breach of contract by, our suppliers, internet malfunctioning, electricity failure, email traffic disruption and malfunctioning or changes to technology provided by third parties, transport difficulties, work strikes, government measures, supply delays, negligence by suppliers and/or manufacturers, personnel illness and defects in resources or means of transport expressly apply as force majeure.

11. Liability

NeorniVet ltd is not liable for damage to objects that has been caused by incorrect use of the products. Read the instructions on the packaging and/or consult the NeorniPharma website before using the products. The buyer is obliged to take receipt of the delivered goods immediately and to check them, failing which, he will be charged for all the pursuant costs. By taking receipt of the goods, the buyer expressly recognises that the goods are in conformity with his order and free of any visible defect.

12. Reservation of ownership

The goods delivered for NeorniVet ltd that fall under the reservation of ownership may be resold for normal business operational purposes only and may never be used as means of payment. The buyer is not entitled to pledge the goods falling under the reservation of ownership or to encumber them in any other way.

13. Applicable law/competent court

Belgian law governs all agreements. In the event of a dispute, the commercial court of the judicial district, including the registered office of NeorniVet ltd, will have sole jurisdiction.

14. Amendment to the terms and conditions

NeorniVet ltd can always amend these general terms and conditions without any further notification. Any purchase following the amendment entails the customer’s acceptance of such new terms and conditions.