NeorniPharma innovates

17/09/2021 - 17:33

Meet our new logo

NeorniPharma vernieuwt

NeorniPharma is constantly innovating. We show this by developing new products and improving our formulas.
Our new logo also reflects this drive for innovation, while retaining NeorniPharma's familiar values: quality, expertise, research, sustainable solutions and personal advice.

The hummingbird remains central. This small but powerful bird, with its unique talents and amazing efforts, symbolises all bird species and the achievements they can make with the right support. NeorniPharma's products support birds during short and long phases and ensure that birds are healthy, strong, fertile and in top condition.

During the transition to the new logo, you will still see the old logo pop up on our website and our products.

NeorniPharma is part of Vets For Birds, a network built around bird medicine.