Freddy & Yoran De Waegeneer are NeorniPharma Ambassadors

10/09/2020 - 17:22

NeorniPharma is proud to introduce its new ambassadors: Freddy & Yoran De Waegeneer

Freddy & Yoran are ambitious and successful Belgian growers who are known both at home and abroad for their European goldfinches. Year after year they deliver birds of the highest quality. Thanks to their dedication and 45 years of experience, they are an established name in the world of goldfinches.

For the care of their birds father & son rely on the products and programs of NeorniPharma. The fact that professional top breeders like Freddy & Yoran rely on our products gives us a boost to continue to develop and improve. After all, only with an eye for detail and a sense of perfection will you achieve success in the world of goldfinches.

As a brand new NeorniPharma ambassador, Freddy & Yoran will share their experiences and knowledge with us. This gives us the opportunity to fine-tune and perfect our products. They will also share their expertise with their customers and give personal advice on our range.

Together with Freddy & Yoran De Waegeneer we at NeorniPharma strive for healthy and strong birds that are perfectly prepared for a successful breeding.

Below you will find some pictures of our 'ambassadors visit'. The goldfinches were fully moulting, but no less impressive.

Would you like to know more about Freddy & Yoran De Waegeneer or are you interested in purchasing a European goldfinch? Visit their website for info, photos and videos of top class goldfinches. You can also find them on Facebook (Our Carduelis Carduelis, Yoran De Waegeneer, Freddy De Waegeneer).

About the NeorniPharma Ambassadors

Who are the NeorniPharma Ambassadors?

NeorniPharma Ambassadors are experienced top breeders who rely on NeorniPharma products and programs. As satisfied users, they in turn give advice on our products to fellow growers and enthusiasts.

NeorniPharma: products for growers by growers

An approval from a top grower is the most valuable quality mark for us. That is why our ambassadors test new products and use their knowledge and expertise to improve our range. This enables us to respond to the needs of our customers and develop products of the very best quality. Together with our ambassadors we lift NeorniPharma products to the highest level.

Interested in becoming a NeorniPharma ambassador? Please contact us via our contact form.

Freddy & Yoran De Waegeneer worden NeorniPharma-ambassadeurs
Freddy & Yoran De Waegeneer worden NeorniPharma-ambassadeurs